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I'm The Problem It's Me...

Went To Megacon... Met Brandon Walsh... No Big Deal.

Went to Megacon for the first time as a fan... it was pretty awesome... and that was before I met Brandon Walsh...

My Sitcom Dad Conversation

On a Very Special Episode of Talking To My Self... It wasn't planned but I had a Sitcom Dad Talk with my now adult Son this week. And it might sound like I was on the weed and going all philosophy on him... But that part came later... when the insomnia set in...

Are You Emotionally Secure?

First episode of the New Year... Perfect time to ask yourself some serious questions about yourself... and since I'm talking to myself, this should be pretty easy. These came from a Harvard-trained psychologist... so they are wicked smahhht.

Part 3 My 22 Year Road To Johnny's House

When we left off, our hero had just got his foot in the door at XL1067... How did he turn that into an actual spot on the radio... and how would he fight the evil forces that were going to try to throw him out the door again... (And why am I talking about myself like it's not me writing this...)

PART 2 My 22 Year Road To Johnny's House

When we left off, our hero was too far ahead of his time in the streaming radio world... He found himself unemployed and lost... But a commercial on the radio would change all of that...

My 22 Year Road To Johnny's House

I hit 22 years at XL1067 this month... With my Son graduating and trying to decide what to do next... This is Part One of the story of how I landed in Radio and on XL1067.

Rundown Of The Margaritaville Cruise

I got a lot of questons about our trip on the Margaritaville at Sea cruise... Here is a quick rundown of how the trip went and the good ands bads.

My Therapy Session And Car Insurance

I've decided that I will never recover any free time so I will just have to get these in when I can... This is kind of a therapy session for me, but it might help you too... and I seriously CAN NOT with insurance...

I'm Not So Savage... And Why Be A Jerk?

I went to the Savage Race last weekend... and I killed it... as a spectator.... which made me look a little less than savage. I noticed something about hunters... and a local tried to ice us out of a bar again... and they failed.