I seriously just sat in front of my computer for 17 minutes trying to think of a cool way to start this... Worse than that... this is what I came up with... I mean I wanted to tell a cool story about how at the age of six, Brian knew he wanted to be on the radio... But at the age of six I was pretending a tree that fell in the woods next to my house was a spaceship...I was born and raised in Central Florida... Sanford to be exact... I can actually remember writing that Y106 was my favorite radio station in Slam Books at the skating rink. Well Y106 became XL106.7 but I still had no idea I would end up working there one day... I was pretty smart in school and equally Smart A$$ed so I guess I was always getting ready for it...After High School I bounced from College to College (I made it as far as Denton Texas) and I bounced from Major to Major and eventually ended up as an intern for Clear Channel and later an XL Roadie... That's where I met and bugged Johnny Magic until he let me hang out on the show. 10 years later, I'm still hanging out on the show...When I'm not working... which is not nearly often enough... I spend my time with my son painting, coloring, playing XBOX, and having epic Star Wars Light Saber battles. I could� and sometimes do� eat pizza for dinner every night of the week� I managed to marry a girl way hotter than me� managed to chase her off� and then tricked her into coming back� What can I say?? I�m smooth?!I do Stand Up Comedy... Although I wouldn't call myself a Comedian just yet... Just cause you fish now and then and find minor success that doesn't make you a fisherman... But I have done some pretty cool stuff... I have performed with Comedy Stars such as Paul Mooney, Bruce Bruce, and Tracy Morgan... Working on adding to the list... and actually finishing my first Screenplay (which I started almost 2 years ago) Then maybe I can employ someone to write things like this for me...Five Little Known Facts About Me�1. I was once picked to be on Super Sloppy Double Dare2. My first car was a 1978 Toyota Corolla3. I�m never wrong� just sometimes mistaken4. I have 13 pair of Cargo Shorts5. My first CD that I bought was Bone Thugs In Harmony







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