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DaBaby at the BET Awards about "SHAKE SUMN," Being Cancelled

Nipsey, Crypto, & Chente with Doeman

Doeman is a repeat offender on the pod, but one of the most solid artists in Houston with the work ethic to match. Now, he's working on Barrio God 2 with the first single of 2022, 'El Idolo' sampling the legendary 'Chente aka Vincente Hernandez. We get to talking about crypto, Nipsey, mixtapes and everything else.

Lisa Bonet is Not Going to Date You, Hello 2022

2022 is a year for breakups unfortunately, callers share who their childhood celebrity crush is - and why TikTok got her in trouble :( New Year, New Us!

Kendra Jae

KENDRA JAE is our OTV artist for iHeartRadio and a West Coast Chick, former backup dancer for Beyonce, DRAKE, Gwen Stefani and more and now on the charts as a new signee to Def Jam, you may have heard her song "Seesaw" featuring Saweetie. With the background as a dancer, reigning from Sacramento - Kendra Jae already has the tools equipped for being the next star!

**Preface, this interview was recorded 11/3/2021, before the Astroworld Fest tragedy in Houston, TX happened as you'll hear us touch on whether she was going or not in conversation.

Say It Ain't SO Lala & Carmelo!

cheaters, cheatin ass people and trifling cheating stories

Nivea on BET Presents.. The Encore

2005 Ashlee, with her WordUp! Magazine posters plastered all over her room would have geeked! Last week was the premiere of BET Presents.. The Encore where 9 ladies, most of them former girl group members, are in a house for 30 days and create an album. The only solo artist in the house is Nivea - who joined me to give us some tea on that first day and what to expect!

Yungeen Ace

Coming straight out of DUUUUUVALLLLL, Yungeen Ace drops his new single off "Giving Up," and we talk about both our experiences living on the Westside of Jacksonville. Also, the backlash of the extra curriculars of his music and how it has barred him from doing things at his hometown and what is his relationship with Vanessa Carlton after the "Who I Smoke" viral hit.

Soulja Boy: The First Rapper to do a Zoom Intervieew

SOULJA BOY been going viral again with his hit song "She make it Clap," and now the sensation of being the FIRST rapper to do anything - he checked in with me about this Mayweather/Logan Paul fight, when he'll do a celebrity boxing match and more.

Karlous Miller of 85 South

I am for sure an 85 Percenter - and was geeked to have a chance to talk to Karlous Miller before he hit Houston for the 1500th time for the In Real Life Comedy Tour this Saturday. We talk about the incident with DC Young Fly and a man walking onto the stage with him last week, what's next for the trio and the brand and more.

Lula's Restaurant in NOLA with Jaymie Mayberry

The cops were called on a teen celebrating her graduation dinner - all because of the top she wore - but there was no dress code before she entered the establishment. I speak with her godmother, present at the dinner to clarify the family's side of the story.