Woman Shocked To Find Live Scorpion In Her Broccoli

Scorpion indoors near a person. Person walking near a scorpion. Detection concept, brown or yellow scorpion, poisonous sting.

Photo: iStockphoto

A woman in Australia was shocked to find a live scorpion in her broccoli while cooking dinner.

According to reports, Chloe Mitchell was preparing the meal when the unexpected critter crawled out from the broccoli purchased from an Aldi grocery store.

"I put it in the steamer on the stove. I then turned around to get the last few pieces and saw something crawling along the chopping board," Chloe recalled.

Chloe and her husband attempted to capture the angry arachnid, but ultimately, her father-in-law was able to trap it.

According to an Aldi spokesperson, it is unusual to find a scorpion in their bagged vegetables and believes it must have hitched a ride from the producer's farm in Australia.

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